Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Thoughts on Gopher Control 

I just read this article from the LA Times garden blogger Emily Green, which presents an interesting but hard to swallow position on gophers in the garden.  Understanding and acceptance of the critters that populate landscaped areas is important; a varied and healthy garden ecosystem keeps pest species in better control; a balanced environment requires fewer chemical and maintenance inputs overall.  This article gives good insights into gopher behaviors which help inform our approach at Centennial Services Inc. which is: the best gopher is one which has been trapped.  Or, eaten by a predator.

An added service we provide to commercial landscape owners is non-chemical gopher control.  We continuously monitor the client's landscape for problems including gopher infestation; the pesky rodents don't get out of control. But from time to time the population-- perhaps in a nearby vacant lot, unused area, or less-pristine landscape--swells and the burrowers spill over onto a site we manage.  Call CSi 714-730-3610 for landscape maintenance services you need.

Our primary method of control is trapping; occasionally we are able to flush out a gopher with water . . . either way, no chemicals are used and the kill is confirmed positively.  No chemicals used results in safety for natural gopher predators like owls as well as the property owner and users.  UC IPM offers some information on gopher biology and control here and here. As stated in both of these guides, habitat modification also helps control and discourage gophers. Regular maintenance activities, as an example, have a dampening effect on gopher incursions.

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