Wednesday, October 05, 2011

In October it's a good time to 

arrange to TRIM EUCALYPTUS TREES (because the weather is turning cooler so eucalyptus borers are less active and less likely to lay eggs in the freshly cut wood, and because you want to minimize the number of eucalyptus limbs falling when storms arrive.)

SEED LAWNS (because the weather is getting cooler, and warm season grasses like Bermuda are beginning to go dormant. Cut lawns lower or dethatch to make a good seedbed. Annual ryseed is often used because it is less expensive, germinates quickly requiring less water, and though not a permanent turfgrass it will stay green until the weather warms up again next spring. It's also a good time to reseed permanent turf grasses like bluegrass, perennial rye and fescue, while there's still enough sun and warmth for germination but the need for water is reduced.)

PLANT basic landscape shrubs and trees (because, even with the weather getting cooler, in So Cal it will stay warm enough to allow new plantings to grow roots and get a head start on the spring growing season. This is, however, not a good time to plant tropicals like hibiscus, palms, bird of paradise and the like. Wait until next May for that.)

REFRESH MULCH in planter beds (because the weaather is getting cooler and plants need a thick blanket to stay warm! But seriously, the two main functions of mulch are to conserve moisture and moderate temperature in the root zone. While we do expect (hope?) to get rain during the winter, we commonly have extended cool or even cold dry periods which can impede root growth or even damage roots. Mulch helps prevent this. Another benefit when it does rain from mulch is protection of the soil surface from siltation and compaction.)

It's a good time to PLAN HOLIDAY PLANTINGS (because there are only so many shopping days. Cool season plants are coming available, and if planted early they will put on top- and root-growth resulting in a better display in mid-winter.)

CALL CSI at 714-730-3610 to handle any of these landscape tasks for you so you can . . .

VISIT AN ARBORETUM and witness firsthand the changing of the seasons (because it's getting cooler and you need an excuse to wear that new sweater you bought.)

STOCK UP ON FIREWOOD (from those eucalyptus trees you had trimmed last October?) because there's nothing like cozying up to a warm fire on these first brisk nights of the season.

GET THAT PUMPKIN CARVED and those pumpkin seeds roasted.

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